after an auto accident!

Choice of Repair Shops
Your car is the second largest investment you’re likely to make. Assure the safety of your family and preserve the value of your investment by having it repaired correctly.

The average vehicle owner doesn’t understand their most important role in the collision repair process-their selection of a repair shop. For this reason, they often fall victim to incorrect information, confusing claims processes and sometimes just plain wrong advice.

Do I have the right to choose the shop that will repair my car?
Absolutely. There is no law or moral standard says you must have your vehicle repaired at the “cheapest” shop or one “preferred” by the insurance company because of a special relationship they may have with these shops. You should select a repair facility based on their skill, service, knowledge, reputation and guarantee of their workmanship.

Do I need to get two or three estimates?
No. Notify the insurance company responsible, because their adjuster may need to inspect the damage. If your car is safe to drive and the insurance company has to drive-in claims service, you should call them for an appointment and take your car there for inspection. Be certain to get a copy of the insurance adjuster’s estimate. After your claims center appointment, take the estimate and your vehicle to the shop of your choice.

If you are unable to take your vehicle to the drive-in claims center, you can leave your car at our shop and advise the insurance company to inspect the car at our location.

Some insurance agents may tell you to “get two or three estimates.” Talk to the insurance claims office first. Generally claims are handled by insurance claims departments, not agents.
Differences in repair estimates are common. A lower estimate may not include operations necessary to assure a long-lasting repair. If you choose to obtain estimates and unable to tell the difference between them, please ask us. We’ll show you the difference in black and white, and explain how it relates to the repair quality.

Do not get an estimate from a shop you would not want to repair your vehicle.

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